About us

Sri Shivashakthi Enterprises started our business in the field of repair and maintenance welding service in the year 1995. Our area of expertise is in eutectic welding technology, Metal spraying process and mig weldings. We are also highly experienced in metal spraying technology which is specially designed to resist wear, corrosion, abrasion and high temperature.

Beyond the request of expectations in order to give that customer what he actually needs. Our main mission is commit continual improvements of equipment's and methods to satisfy the stipulated demands of our customers. We are well equipped and have good contacts in Bangalore to provide reference for any kind of machining or grinding facilities.

In addition to being customer driven, we offer metallurgical capabilities along with experienced engineering personnel to determine correct repair procedures and recommended strength if required, to improve equipment performance. we will supply the customer with a detailed inspection report and repair procedure for all work.

We will continue to focus on the long-term goals of our customers and the availability of technological advancements.

Our Motto: “Cost of Reclamation Is Only A Fraction Of Cost Of Replacement”